Within this workshop you will pick three of your favourite objects (from the cup and bowl collections) and I will show you how to create your very own with a plaster mold. We can create such in a classic white or you pick your favourite color pigment and colorise it. 

Your created objects will be glazed and fired and can be picked up or shipped about 3-4 weeks later. 

Cost per workshop 150€ including material and cost of production. 

Maximum capacity is 6 people per workshop. 

JULI 2021
Sa. 24.07.   11:00 - 14:00h 
So. 25.07.   11:00 - 14:00h 
Sa. 31.07.   11:00 - 14:00h 

So. 01.08.   11:00 - 14:00h 
Sa. 07.08.   11:00 - 14:00h 
So. 08.08.  11:00 - 14:00h 
Sa. 14.08.   11:00 - 14:00h 
So. 15.08.   11:00 - 14:00h 

To sign up, send a mail with your name and preferred date to